A team of 20 developers, sysadmins and designers specialized in delivering big data processing and high availability solutions. We help startups implement their complex technical solutions.

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Big data
storage, indexing, processing

Powerful and scalable solutions

Experience in processing high volume of data using indexing engines, top notch storage solutions, powerful scalable solutions.

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EDI Solutions
connecting industry standards

Document Exchanging experts

Experience in building realtime electronic Data Interchage Solutions connecting various endpoints.

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performance, benchmarking

Cloud evaluation professionals

We evaluate cloud infrastructures using standard and custom tests. Experience with over 28 cloud providers.

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CAD apps
3D modeling apps

3D CAD CAM Applications

Development of 3D CAD/CAM applications and components for them. Involved with NaroCAD, the free and open source modeler.

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UI design
Prototyping and design

UI Prototyping and design

UI design for Web, Desktop and Mobile applications.

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